The participants are taught how to cook many recipes from Lamb Roasts to Thai food and scrumptious desserts like Chocolate Cheesecakes

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Getting certified in Food Handling and Responsible Service of Alcohol and being taught knife skills and recipes by trained chefs.

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A day in the life

This video captures a day in the life of The Plate Up Project. Please click the link below to see the participants in action

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The Plate Up Project would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the amazing support from Left Bank Melbourne.

The Plate Up Project

Employment and empowerment for female victims of domestic abuse.

Why is the Project so important?:

Many women who experience domestic abuse are also victims of financial abuse. This often leads to women returning to abusive relationships as they’re unable to afford to financially survive on their own.

Where did it all begin?:

Plate Up began after seeing a gap in the hospitality industry to provide a safe and understanding work space for women who are looking to return to work, but might still have barriers to full time stable employment. Plate up seeks to address these issues by providing inclusive training for both the participant and the employer.

A day in the life at Plate Up Project:

Participants arrive for the day and are greeted by the course coordinator who discusses the course outline and learning objectives for the day. On a typical day a professional chef will be attending to teach a certain style of cooking. It may be a pastry chef, a chef who specialises in desserts, or perhaps a chef who is well known for their incredible salmon dish.

The chef will teach the group some basics of their craft and a meal will be prepared together with the participants. On other days the participants will be taught the practical elements of their chosen area of hospitality, or might perhaps be visiting a market or farm to learn more about the processing of food from the farm to the table. Each participant learns skills in the hospitality industry that are transferable to their chosen area of employment.

The Project’s Impact:

Plate up is the first training program that trains the participants as well as the employers. The impact here is an understanding and supportive workplace which leads to stable employment situations for sufferers of domestic abuse. This decreases the likelihood of individuals returning to abusive relationships due to financial instability and less likelihood of further abuse & harm.